Friday, June 25, 2010

Just do it!

A wonderful family and dear friends, Bruce and Jaime Watson, held a fundraising dinner (to benefit Into the Streets of Ethiopia) in celebration of their sweet son, Teg, being united with his forever family for a year.   We are honored to be at the receiving end of this family's efforts and are excited to see what God has in store for the Watson family!

Read this powerful recap of a simple family, being obedient to the prompting of the Lord!

Quit Making Excuses and Just Do It!!!

This is what I had to tell myself over and over.  I had such a desire to DO SOMETHING for the sweet, sweet kids that we had met while we were in Ethiopia.  But I'm just a mom, no special skills, no special talents.  I don't sew, paint, make jewelry, design t-shirts, or any of the other really great fundraising ideas I've seen out there.  I really wanted to do something, but WHAT???? 

The Lord spoke to me and said, "just put the need out there for people to see, and let Me do the rest."  Ahhhh, I could quit trying to rack my brain for something to wow people, and just make myself available and let the Lord do His thing.  It's not about me or what I can or can't do.  So, I talked to my in-laws and secured the location (their backyard).  I talked to my family and closest friends and they became the help.  The Lord brought a wonderful Ethiopian woman to me, and she became the caterer.  Perfect!  We picked a day, Sunday, May 30th and sent out an invitation on Facebook. 

We bought some Ethiopian colored decorations (red, yellow and green), ordered some cupcakes in the ET colors, bought some snack foods and drinks.  The most important part of the day would be making people aware of the kids in Ethiopia and how far their money would go to making a difference in their lives.  We made an information board with pictures and statistics.  We printed out pictures of the people and places we saw in ET, we made bookmarks for people to take home to remind them to pray.  And we put out a box for people to put their money in.  That's it.  That simple.  And people put their money in!  They ate the Ethiopian food.  They drank the Ethiopian coffee.  They looked at the pictures and read the information.  They were moved by what they saw. They loved the food and the coffee.  But most importantly, they loved the kids faces.  They "got it".  They were exposed to a culture and a people and need that they really had no idea about.  God was good and He did His thing.  He brought the people that He wanted.  He inspired people to give to His children. 

In the end, we raised almost $3500.  God is good!  We were blessed.  I learned a lesson.  It's not about any great talent we have or don't have, it's about being responsible for the calling that we all have, to take care of these precious orphans.  

Just do it!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Into the Streets is headed to ETHIOPIA!

Go. Serve. Love.
Ethiopia 2011


Into the Streets of Ethiopia is teaming up with Visiting Orphans for a life changing missions trip to the beautiful country of Ethiopia. 

 We will be visiting the precious kids at Children's Future Ethiopia as well as several other organizations in the capital city, Addis Ababa.

Dates:  March 12-21, 2011

More details to follow!

Will you pray about joining us?  

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Celebrate the FATHERS in your life!

Just in time to celebrate that special man in your life! 

A fellow adoptive family,Vince and Alisa Martin, have graciously offered to team-up with Into The Streets of Ethiopia for a Father's Day card fundraiser!  The Martins, will donate their time and the materials for the cards! 100% of your donation goes straight to ministering to street kids in Ethiopia!  Head over to the Martin's blog and provide  the name(s) and address of the recipients! You can use the PayPal donation button on their blog, to make your donation and provide instructions. The cards will be mailed on Monday, June 14th!

All funds will be devoted to the cause of helping street children and at risk children in Ethiopia.

Alisa and Vince Martin along with Robel Alawi (Children's Future Ethiopia) 

The Martins--complete with sweet Micah and waiting for baby brother, Jude, from China.

Give a gift that will not only make a difference in the life of a child, but also honors your loved one too!

We love you Martin Family!  

***  UPDATE ***

Thank you to all who participated in this awesome opportunity of honoring a  loved one but to aid a child as well.  Over $700 was raised by YOU!    It is with pure joy and delight to report that EVERY child at Children's Future Ethiopia will be measured and fitted with a brand new uniform at the end of July!  Can you imagine the excitement when the children of CFE begin their next school term!  Photos will be taken and posted!  

Also, we were able to purchase a Bible for each child.  For some, this may be their first!  Into the Streets is so proud of their awesome friends.  Thanks for joining with us to make a difference in the life of a precious child!  Many Blessings to you all!