Wednesday, June 22, 2011

An auction to raise money for FORMULA!

*** UPDATE:  This incredible auction raised a total of $1100---all to purchase infant baby formula in Ethiopia!  Praise the Lord! Thanks to all who helped make this such a success!***
In February, I had the pleasure of joining many other adoptive mommas at the Created for Care retreat in Atlanta, Georgia.  Laughter, relaxation, making of new friends, bonding, sharing and learning were among the many things I took away from this incredible weekend.

One of the highlights for me was the privilege of sharing about Into the Streets of Ethiopia in a couple of break-out sessions.  I met so many women that inspire to take the passion within their hearts and spread it to a hurting world!  We have been blessed by the outpouring of love from this retreat!

Courtney Williamson is one of the new friends that I made.  Her love for Ethiopia is contagious! After talking with her by phone we had an instant connection.  I'm sure for all you fellow adoption moms, you totally get what I mean about "instant connection."  Courtney, along with her husband Chad, wanted to do something that would help Into the Streets of Ethiopia in aiding our current partnership with Adoption Ministry of YWAM-Ethiopia and our commitment to providing formula for the four orphanages in Ethiopia.

I am a mom. A mom to an amazing almost 3yr old boy, who was born in Ethiopia to another mom and dad, but malnutrition and poverty distorted their family. Its odd to have family that was created at the hand of a lack of food. I don’ t know if I have a full understanding of it emotionally or if I have a compartment to logically put it in. But what I do have is sadness. Sadness for all the children that are orphans in Ethiopia (about 4.7 million). Sadness that a lot of children are hungry there. Sadden by the fact, that once poverty and hungry has distorted a family. That hungry child is placed in a orphanage with limited formula. And all I know, is that hungry child was my son, and formula in the orphanage saved his life. Which, both his birthmother and I are very thankful for.

So why this project??? Because all mothers know formula equals life....its just that simple!!! We might be able to adopt, we might not want to, we might not be able to go to Ethiopia, we might not want to, but we can help. That is why Chad, Tegegn and I are putting on this auction for I nto the Streets of Ethiopia to simply help. Will you please help too?

The need for formula is huge and never-ending but the results are life-changing!  To raise money for formula, they are auctioning some pretty wonderful items...

A two-night stay at the beautiful Oregon coast
A gorgeous hand-made quilt
Wall stencil
Christmas ornaments
Into the Streets of Ethiopia t-shirts
Worship CD
Ethiopian coffee
and lots more!!

100% of the proceeds of this auction go to Into the Streets of Ethiopia to purchase formula for the YWAM orphanages in Ethiopia!  How is that for amazing?  One family among many who are responding to the call to support orphaned children in a very tangible way.  

Be sure to go to the Formula Is Life blog and lend your support!