Sunday, July 18, 2010

$6 FOR 1 Challenge TAKEN!

A couple of months ago, Angela Wells, contacted Into the Streets of Ethiopia about using our new $6 For 1 campaign in their upcoming Vacation Bible School.   What an honor for us to be highlighted at Graefenburg Christian Church's VBS!  

"June 27th - July 2nd, 38 children attended Graefenburg Christian Church's High Seas Expedition Vacation Bible School.  During the week, we learned that God's Word is true, comforting, surprising, life-changing, and for everyone.  With their adult crew leaders, the children discussed that one way to introduce others to God's Word and His love is to meet their physical needs.  The children didn't just talk about how to demonstrate love to others but through their hands and giving they truly got involved.  Twenty blankets were made to be given to the boys involved in the Children's Future Ethiopia program.  The children gathered with their crews and prayed over each blanket and for its recipient to know and feel the warmth of God's love.  In addition, the children collected $451.15 for Into the Streets of Ethiopia and many committed continual support through the $6 for 1 campaign.  We enjoyed a fun, wonderful, blessed week on the High Seas, but most importantly, the children learned that they could truly be the hands and feet of Jesus and minister to others.....  even those far across the sea!!!! "  *  Angela Wells  *

Check out this video of the Graefenburg kids making blankets for the boys involved in CFE!  Thank you kids--great job!

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  1. What sweet faces on those children, as they worked to show God's love! I'm so proud of GCC and its leaders!--BW