Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Students in Georgia making a *HUGE* difference for orphans in Ethiopia

“A little goes a long way! Help buy formula for orphans in Ethiopia!”

Hebron Christian Academy’s Missions Club made posters with these logos and carried them to carpool every Tuesday and Thursday for 6 weeks along with change buckets to collect money for Into the Streets of Ethiopia. They also put collection buckets in each homeroom, and had a competition to see which class could fill their bucket the most. After collecting, the hard part began: rolling all of the change! Each week the group met for 45 minutes to roll quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies. 6 weeks later, all the coins were rolled, and the students eagerly awaited the total. They were ecstatic to find out they had been able to raise $1128.50!

Here are some quotes from the students {that participated}:

“The hope of being able to affect the lives of others provides incredible joy to people.” –Cole Redman (on what he learned from the campaign)
“It made my fingers smell gross like copper, but it was worth it.” –Elise Murray (on rolling coins)
“I learned a lot about how big a problem not having formula is for orphans and how much a little money could do to help.” –Tiffany Bagley (on what she learned)
“Early morning carpool is kind of difficult with sleepy parents ignoring us, but just do some jumping and attract attention, and there ya go!” –Amanda Fischels (on what it was like to stand out and collect change early in the morning)
“I hope the loose change provides hope for the kids and provides for them so that they know there’s people that care.” –Brooke Felt (on what she hoped the loose change would accomplish)
“To me, it’s completely unfair that some children don’t get opportunities to grow and develop like others only because they lack resources. Collecting change for formula gave me a say in it.” –Anonymous

Thank You Hebron Christian Academy!  You guys ROCK!!

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