Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Brand New CD Release TODAY!


Sample Songs:

Into the Streets of Ethiopia is honored to be be at the receiving end of such an incredible, heartfelt project.  Hannah Yau, friend and supporter of Into the Streets of Ethiopia, shares some background to the leading of this cd:

     "We are a small group from Woodsedge Community Church. The mission statements of our church is something as relevant to today as it was 2,000 years ago: Love Jesus. Journey Together. Bring Hope to the World.

     Loving Jesus is always something internal. Each person has to desire and that change in ourselves. Journeying together - well that's why small groups exist! Bring Hope to the that's a harder one to do! This involves stepping out of our comfort zones and learning to put others first.

     The challenge has for our small group always had a hard time trying to find TIME to serve together. We had been studying Margins and learning how to better prioritize what's important in life, and with that, came better family times, better personal relationships with God, and of course, a better bonding with the other families.

     Early summer 2010, I felt God tugging me to be involved in a CD recording. This was a little out of my league. I am a performer, and I had no idea where to begin the journey. So I prayed about it. Needless to say, God met me in every single step of the process. Find a guitar player? Well, I knew just who. And before I could even ask about a recording studio, it was presented to me. Need a graphics person? There she is. Oh - and a CD production company? Here are two to choose from. Need friends to help move the piano? God had it down.

     God orchestrated the entire project. And our small group was able to be a part of it in so many levels. We have grown closer. We have journeyed the process together. And we pray that it would be a blessing to you as you share in moments that remind us: God is Hope."

We would like to thank Dr. Philbert & Hannah Yau for being obedient in your service to the Lord.   In addition, to those at Woodsedge Church who dedicated their time, talent and efforts to this project--Thank you!  It is an honor to "serve the least of these" together!

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